Editor’s Blog: State of the Hobby as a New Year Begins

A look at what feels right–and what needs attention as a new sports collecting year begins.

Most Popular Baseball Card Sets to Collect, 1950-1999

Analyzing the post-War sets to which average collectors seem to gravitate. At least one may surprise you.

Collecting Sports Cards in Australia

Collectors of American sports cards–especially basketball–are a dedicated lot in the Land Down Under, chasing the same cards with a similar passion, despite a few hurdles.

Mayo’s Football Set Among Sports Collecting’s Rarities

The find of the rarest card from football card collecting’s rarest vintage issue is putting the focus back on the 1894 May’s football set.

Autograph Seekers Chase White House Seekers

Among the hottest targets for autograph seekers? Presidential candidates.

In The Game Canada vs The World Hockey Box Review

In the Game’s latest hockey card product, “Canada vs The World” packs a big game punch.

Cards to Kids is Teen’s Charitable Passion

John Makowiec is doing big things with his extra sports cards. He’s hoping others will join him in the effort.

In The Game Decades 1980s Hockey Review

In the Game puts the focus on the 1980s with its hits-only hockey product.

Noted Artist Andy Jurinko Remembered

Andy Jurinko, whose brilliant baseball art appeared in calendars and books, died last month of cancer. His work is remembered in a special feature in the New York Times.

1910 T211 Red Sun Tobacco Cards Hit Auction

A group of rare century-old tobacco cards featuring minor leaguers has entered the market for the first time.

Elway Recalls Card Collecting Days

Hall of Famer John Elway shares some youthful memories with

If Football Is Top Spectator Sport; Why Are Baseball Cards Still King?

The NFL may capture our interest more, but baseball is still king of the collecting market.

Love for Hockey Spurs 70+ Years of Collecting

Gerry Downs has lived all over eastern Canada, carrying decades worth of cards, autographs and anything else hockey-related with him.

Kobe Keen on Card Collecting

Panini’s spokesman is hoping to turn kids into the collector that he once was.

Link Exchange: Add Your Blog to Blog City

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Collecting Cop: Officer turns basement into BoSox museum

Next time your wife gets mad about "all of your stuff", show her this.