Retired Stars Cash in on Memorabilia Market

One of them reads about the prices attained by another and pretty soon, former NHL stars are lining up to sell off their stuff.

Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle top 2010’s Most Dangerous Autographs

Is Santa putting authenticity in your stocking? PSA/DNA’s been keeping track of which nice autographs are commonly found to be naughty.

Elway Recalls Card Collecting Days

Hall of Famer John Elway shares some youthful memories with

T206 Book Ready to Ship

The authors of T206 Players talk about the hobby’s latest coffee table book as they prepare to release it.

Buy Now, Pay Later on eBay

A new eBay payment option means you can buy that case today and handle the details later.

Cash for Art Clunkers

Give this guy an ‘A’ for creativity in marketing…even if it is a ‘borrowed’ concept: The Marquess Gallery, featuring the photographic baseball art of Don Marquess, has instituted its own “cash for clunkers” program, under which people turning in old clunker art (at least 11”x14”), will be rewarded with a one-third discount on any art […]

Morrison Most Marketable?

  Adam Morrison's rookie cards could be in demand when the '06-07 issues hit the shelf later this year.