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5 Underrated T206 Cards

T206 Iron Man McGinnity

From the underappreciated Hall of Famer to the undervalued scarcity and the notorious dive taker, a handful of underrated T206 cards for your collection.

Chick Gandil Rookie Card from E90-3 American Caramel Set is Scarce but Affordable

American Caramel 1911 Chick Gandil

The man who helped recruit his White Sox teammates to become Black Sox has a rare rookie card in the Chicago-based American Caramel issue, one that may be underrated.

Five Cool T206 Cards You Can Buy for $100 or Less


No money for Matty? No cash for Cobb? We’ve got five cards from the century-old T206 set that will stoke the baseball passion and won’t leave you destitute.