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“The Vault” Aimed at Helping Buyers and Sellers of More Expensive Cards

COMC’s latest selling tool, “The Vault”, is aimed helping at buyers and sellers of higher valued sports cards.

Rich’s Ramblings: Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

Why do some invest in pitchers? Why were dirt cards redemptions? Why don’t people want to save money?
Rich ponders.

2012 Thanksgiving Weekend Sports Memorabilia Deals Underway

2012 Black Friday sports memorabilia deals are underway online. Here are some sites offering specials for collectors and gift givers.

Ramblings: Ch-ch-ch-Changes

Rich Klein discusses the effect of changes on a couple of popular hobby websites and at his local card show.

Buying and Selling Outlets for Sports Card Collectors

eBay is the online king for buying and selling sports cards but some other services are getting into the game or already making their mark.

Ramblings: Rich Klein Ready to Continue Ripken-Like NSCC Streak

It’s the one show you’ve got to get to–at least once. Rich Klein ought to know. He’s been to 30 of them.