Randy Kaplan’s World Leaders Signed Baseball Collection

Among the items in a New York man’s sports memorabilia stash is a crazy collection of baseballs signed by world leaders…with interesting stories behind them.

Massive Fake Autograph Scheme Lands Missouri Man in Jail

A Carl Junction, Mo. man has pleaded guilty to defrauding over 1200 victims in a fake autograph scam that went on for nearly six years.

Roger Maris Cards…Why They Still Matter

He’s not in the Hall of Fame and he’s technically not the home run king of anything anymore. But the interest in Roger Maris cards remains strong.

Vintage Babe Ruth Cards: Bargain Hunting

Record-setting prices may scare some away, but you can still own Babe Ruth cards from his playing days for a few hundred bucks.

Olympic Hockey Pucks Could Be Scarce

A tight lid is being kept on pucks from what should be a hotly-contested gold medal chase in Vancouver.

2010 Topps Offers Pack-Store Patch Promotion

Topps is inserting some MLB logo patch cards into products–and giving away some similar cards in hobby shops.

Bonds 670th HR Ball Reaches $1550

One eBay seller sold a fairly non-descript, but well-documented home run ball from Barry Bonds’ chase.