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Baseball Card Exchange

Huggins and Scott Auction Features Ruth Ball, Mathewson Contract

Signed Babe Ruth ball

Huggins and Scott launches its final catalog sale of 2011 at noon today.

The Big Show: Charles M. Conlon’s Golden Age Baseball Photographs

Charles Conlon Big Show

A new book brings us more great baseball photographs from Charles M. Conlon. Can you say “Christmas list”?

World Series Programs Still Popular

2011 World Series program

From scorecards to local and historic flavor to a slick package of feature stories and mountains of ads, World Series programs have quite a history.

Vintage Cards, Autographs, Memorabilia All Part of Huggins & Scott Auction

Brooks Robinson 1968 Topps 3D prototype

A prototype card from the rare 1968 Topps 3-D issue highlights Huggins & Scott’s auction, which also includes dozens of vintage cards and rare sports memorabilia.

Editor’s Blog: Panini-Art Settle Suit; Conlon Party; Stolen Rare Photo on eBay?

Cobb sliding

Charles Conlon’s original photos and some works of art replicating five of the best will be on display at an invitation-only party in New York. Panini settles it’s lawsuit with Art of the Game and is that a stolen Al Reach photo on eBay?

REA Claims Lawsuit “Frivilous”

legal scales

A New York collector is suing Robert Edward Auctions over memorabilia purchased several years ago that he says isn’t real. The auction house says it won’t fly.

1914 World Series Ring May Bust Myth

Johnny Evers 1914 Miracle Braves World Series ring

Common belief is that the first World Series ring wasn’t issued until 1922. The discovery of a second ring from eight years earlier seems to have re-written that bit of memorabilia history.

2011 Allen and Ginter Baseball Information

Allen and Ginter 2011

Topps goes organic with 2011 Allen and Ginter…and offers what it’s calling its best autograph lineup in the product’s six-year history.

World’s Best Dodgers’ Collection on Block

Sandy Koufax Dodgers jersey 1957

Sal LaRocca’s 66-year collection of Dodgers memorabilia is being broken up.

Collector’s Guide to Pujols Bats

A Cardinal bat collector offers some tips on what to know before you fork over big money for an Albert Pujols game-used bat.

Original Allen & Ginter Baseball Sets Changed Collecting

The original Allen & Ginter cards that inspire Topps’ current products also leaned heavily on other sports and personalities.

Blog: New T206 Book Delivers on Promise

T206 Players and their stories

You’ll appreciate how good you have it when you learn about some of the fates of the players who make up the iconic T206 collection.

Nice Gig: Dealer Sells Cards at Yankee Stadium

Andre Chiavelli and New Jersey Nets' guard Devin Harris

A business break has one vintage card dealer smiling.

1908 Merkle Ball Consigned to Auction

The baseball that recorded one of the most famous outs in baseball history is about to go on the auction block.

Joe Jackson Baseball Cards in 2010 Upper Deck

Upper Deck and Shoeless Joe may not be on MLB’s party list, but they’re partnering on baseball cards next year.

American Caramel and its Cards: A Brief History

If tobacco wasn’t your thing in the first part of the 20th century, you could build a nice collection of baseball cards with your sweet tooth.

Keys to the Baseball Memorabilia Kingdom

The editors of a new baseball book sifted through mountains of memorabilia in the Library of Congress to make history come alive.

Rare 1886 Tomlinson’s Cabinet Cards Enter Hobby

Undiscovered vintage baseball cards are still surfacing. A group of 19th century cabinets even includes some new additions to the checklist.

Baseball Americana Book Highlights History, Memorabilia

Collectors and fans have a new book to devour–just in time for October baseball.

Rare Vintage Baseball Card Find

It sat undisturbed inside the wall of a house in Pennsylvania for over a century. Now, a previously unknown 1893 Just So Tobacco card of Hall of Famer Buck Ewing is about to hit the auction block.