Canadian Mint Hopes to Score With Gretzy Coins

Wayne Gretzky has reached another milestone–this one having to do with birthdays–and the Canadian mint thought the time was right to give him some coins.

List Your Stuff on eBay…Free

If you’ve been thinking about making a purchase or six on eBay, today might be the day. The auction giant is also offering another deal until the end of the month if you’re in the selling mode.

2011 Topps Opening Day Plans Unveiled

Yes, you will still be able to buy a pack of baseball cards for a buck next year.

Old Judge Launched Early Baseball Card Craze

Part two of our excerpt from the new book ‘Mint Condition; How Baseball Cards Became an American Obsession’ by Dave Jamieson. In the second half of Chapter One, Jamieson chronicles how Goodwin & Company’s insertion of ballplayers’ pictures into its cigarette packs launched a national craze in the late 19th century.

Use a Baseball Hall of Famer to mail your bills

The Postal Service releases a collection of 39-cent baseball stamps. Please don’t ask the clerk for a "quantity discount".