Casey Stengel

Rare Color Photo of 1956 Yankees at Auction

A Kodachrome image of the 1956 World Series champion New York Yankees that originated with Casey Stengel’s estate headlines the new RMY Auctions catalog.

Photo of the Day: Casey at the Bat

No sparrows flew from his cap but a photo of Casey Stengel playing for the Pirates is still pretty cool. Learn more about the Ol’ Perfesser’s playing days.

Photo of the Day: “Number 6, Mickey Mantle”

A photo from the opening weeks of his major league career shows a young Mickey Mantle as he slides into third base.

1950 Bowman Baseball a Trend Setter

Stan the Man and Joe D. may have been no-shows, but the 1950 Bowman baseball set aptly chronicled the Whiz Kids and set a standard for issues that followed.

Photo of the Day: Stengel Checked Out in Brooklyn

A photo showing a young Brooklyn Robins outfielder who gained his fame much later, is up for bid this weekend.

Caption Captures Casey’s Climactic Clout in ’23

A previously unknown stylized news photo of Casey Stengel dates from the day after he crushed the first World Series home run in Yankee Stadium history.

1962 Hank Aaron Uniform Sells for $85,237

One of the best Hank Aaron uniforms in existence, old Gordie Howe and Casey Stengel jerseys and Mike Tyson’s first title trunks paced a weekend auction.

1916 Babe Ruth Rookie Card, Heisman Ring Sold in “I Own it Now”

Catalog featured exclusively high grade, rare, vintage sports collectibles.

Mets Hall Heavy on Memorabilia

The New York Mets will open their Hall of Fame and Museum Monday with a variety of Mets memorabilia from 1962-present.

Topps Releases Sterling 09 Cut Signature List

Topps is putting the wraps on the 2009 baseball card year with a post-season release of its Sterling issue, one that includes a healthy list of cut signatures.