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National ’15 News and Notes: Friday Edition

Blowout Cards National Sports Collectors Convention raffle

Kids and adults getting into the action at the National, the ‘hole in the wall find’ has a home and Brooks Robinson’s collection is consigned.

Panini Produces Personnel Promotions

Panini America logo

A promotion and a new position inside the offices of Panini America.

Good Hobbies Gone Bad: The Curious Case of Sports Card Déjà Vu’

2011 Bowman Platinum Joe Benson auto

Where is the sports card market headed? Dr. Paul Lieber says he’s got a suggestion because he doesn’t care for where it’s at right now.

Mike Piazza Marlins Cards a Fixation for Dueling Collectors

Mike Piazza Marlins card

A future Hall of Famer suiting up for a team for five days before being traded again? Two guys who collect Mike Piazza Marlins cards know their collections are a little unusual.

Dealer Charged in Jersey Scheme Paints Ugly Picture


An FBI interview with one of five men to plead guilty in a scheme during which jerseys were sold to card companies as “game used” includes accusations against trading card company representatives.

Gallery of Awful Autographs

Lawrence Timmons auto

Players might be able to write you a note explaining why they’re giving autographs a bad name…but you wouldn’t be able to read it.

Q&A With NSCC Director and Co-Founder Mike Berkus

First National Sports Collectors Convention ad

Even after more than three decades running the National Sports Collectors Convention, there’s still plenty to worry about but he also has reason to believe this year’s show could be a landmark event.