Jack Butler Waited for Rookie Card, Hall of Fame Call

Jack Butler had played six seasons in the NFL before he finally appeared on a football card. His wait to get into the Hall of Fame was a lot longer.

1914 Babe Ruth Card Still Safe at Home in Museum

Still in the family of the original owner after 97 years, one of the hobby’s holy grails is treated with respect at the Babe Ruth Museum.

TV Show in Development Needs Collectors

It’s definitely the year of the collector on reality TV. Producers of a new TV show want to hear about your collecting obsession.

1958 NFL Championship Ring Returned to Art Donovan

It went around the world and back, but Art Donovan’s 1958 NFL Championship ring is back, thanks to some friends and a retired cop.

College Players Off Limits for Michigan Shop

A sports memorabilia dealer from a rival area reacts to the stories about Terrelle Pryor getting paid for autographs while he was still a student.

2011 Hall of Fame Election: Who’s In?

The votes are in. Wednesday, we’ll find out whose cards and autographs might take a jump in value.

Firemen Hurdle Man’s Collection, Save Him

A Buffalo man kept his various collections piled high–and it could have cost him his life.

Ten Tips for Running a Good Sports Card Shop

Just call it the Card Collector’s Bill of Rights.

Dawson Gets Hall Call; Signs Memorabilia Deal

It didn’t take Andre Dawson long to capitalize on his new stature as a Baseball Hall of Famer.

Deceased Son’s Collection Going for Good

A Colorado man and his son built a large collection of sports cards and memorabilia. Now, it’s all being sold to help young people stay on the right path.