2010 National Sports Collectors Convention Gave Baltimore Biggest Impact

Collectors, dealers and others who showed up at the National Sports Collectors Convention made a big impact on the city’s tourism trade.

SoCal Businessman Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud

A former card show promoter and the owner of Sports Treasures, a chain of retail outlets in the LA area, failed to report over $3 million in income according to the U.S. government.

2010 Ending With Changes at SGC

James Spence Authentication has made an investment in card grading firm SGC, while personnel moves are also happening.

Giant Victory for Bay Area Card Shops

San Francisco Giants fans are making it a happy holiday season indeed for sports card shops in the area.

Editor’s Blog: Topps Countdown; We Get “Hyperboled”

Voting is over and Topps begins its countdown of their all-time top 60 baseball cards while one writer swings wildly at us.

MLB Authentication is Big Business

Big league games are now virtual authentication factories, with each item used between the lines treated as a commodity.

Ornstein Claims No Fake Jerseys Made it Into Collectors’ Hands

The man convicted of a Super Bowl ticket-fake game jersey scheme reveals a little more about what happened to the “memorabilia”.

Convicted Dealer’s Sentencing Delayed

Sentencing has been continued for a Pennsylvania dealer found guilty of deceptive business practices and theft by deception.

Meet Topps’ CEO

Topps’ new Chief Executive Officer honed his game selling cards as a kid growing up in southern California.

A Dealer’s National: Making the Most of a Business Trip

Baseball cards and business mix at the National Sports Collectors Convention, where planning is an important part of the game.

Albany Shop Owners Keep Business Family Oriented

Two Georgia women have owned and operated a store for 20 years.

Editor’s Blog: News & Notes from Around the Hobby

A ’60 World Series ring walks into “The Treasure Hunters Roadshow”, dropping NFLPA trading card revenues and more.

Texas Collectors Stick with Hobby

The only sports card shop owner in Beaumont, TX and some local collectors have stuck with the hobby for their own reasons.

James Has Been Big Business in Cleveland

LeBron James has kept Cleveland dealers busy selling cards and autographs.

Hobby Shop a Nice Retirement Biz

A South Carolina shop owner takes care of his younger patrons while making use of his newfound time.

Hobby Became Business for Chicago Dealer

What keeps one long-time sports card business ticking.

D-Backs’ Exec Rediscovered Cards in 1990

An Arizona Diamondbacks executive owns one of the country’s best baseball card collections, thanks to a mom who couldn’t bear to throw them out.

Auction Insider: Chicago Report; Company News

by Ryan Friedman It’s one of the longest-running and largest shows in the hobby and this past weekend at the Chicago Sun-Times Convention,  many of the biggest dealers and auction houses in the industry were once again on hand for the three-day run at the Stephens Convention Center. While the overall  attendance at the show  […]

Peck and Snyder: The Company

It’s known for producing what may be the grandfather of all baseball cards but Peck & Snyder Sporting Goods was more than that.

eBay Reaching Out to Sellers With Live Events

eBay thinks you’ll benefit from a series of special interactive seminars aimed at teaching sellers how to boost sales.