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Ramblings: Reader Reaction on Card Shops

Rich Ramblings 2014

Rich Klein answers an email about one of his recent columns that dealt with dealers and card shops finding ways to succeed.

Collector Finds Career He Can Finally Embrace


A sports collector in Canada turns his hobby into his business.

Q&A With a Hobby Distributor


Lloyd Kee of GTS discusses distribution policies by Panini and Upper Deck–among other things.

Card Shop Owners React to Black Friday Promotions


Panini made a late move to try and drum up business for hobby shop owners. Did it work? Depends on who you ask.

Fun, Games…and Business for Leafs’ Photographer


Whether he’s shooting for team publications, hockey cards or national media outlets, Graig Abel has plenty of stories to tell.

Rich’s Ramblings: Of Old Willow Grove Days

1949 Leaf

Rich Klein catches up with an old friend who remembers a couple of the hobby’s wheeler-dealers who used to frequent the Philly show floor–and more.

Thriving Sports Card Shop Started Small

Billy's Sports Treasures

Selling part of his collection turned into a full-time venture for the owner of a Savage, Minn., baseball card shop.

Upcoming Sports Memorabilia Reality Show Looking for Items


The producers of Pawn Stars are creating a new show around sports memorabilia, set inside a Baltimore shop. They’re looking for people to bring in items they’re interested in selling to be part of the series.

Bryant Signs Stacks of Cards for Panini

Kobe Bryant signing for Panini

Kobe Bryant puts his John Hancock on some Panini prizes.

Smaller Sports Memorabilia Dealers Battle the Big Boys at the NSCC

Sports memorabilia

Whether you run multi-million dollar auctions or sell cards out of your basement, the National Sports Collectors Convention will offer you a chance to set up a booth… if you can handle the expense.

Topps Buys Maker of Digital Currency Cards


Topps continues its aggressive push toward branding itself in the digital age.

Blowout Countersuing Upper Deck Over Distribution Policy

legal scales

Blowout Cards has answered Upper Deck’s court papers with a lawsuit of its own, alleging violations of federal anti-trust laws.

Panini Asks Judge for Restraining Order Over Autographs


The dispute between Panini, Kobe Bryant and Art of The Game has Bryant claiming he never knew he was signing for the LA-based group. But…could a settlement be in the works?

Old Shop Back in Business

Joe Saldivar

How can the 19th largest city in America not have even one baseball card shop? That’s what one long-time dealer couldn’t stand.

Online Football Card Business Approaches 10 Year Anniversary

Football Card Shop

An online dealer is proving there’s a big market for modern era football cards.

Editor’s Blog: PSA/DNA Business Up, Fire Update, Steinbrenner Letters

Collectors Universe

Positive cash flow for Collector’s Universe, an update on the card shop fire in Ohio and also on a stack of letters written by a youthful George Steinbrenner. Oh…and is Charlie Sheen getting ready to sell some of his vintage sports memorabilia?

Upper Deck’s New Distribution Policy Irks Some

Upper Deck Authorized Internet Retailer

Upper Deck defends its decision to shun internet-only retailers while one of the giants punches back.

10 Ways to Earn Repeat Business Selling Online

sports card boxes

Want to make more money selling online? Follow these guidelines.

Stan the Man Makes Dad’s Day

Saturday Evening Post Stan Musial

When you return something to Stan the Man Inc., you might just get to meet the Man himself.

2010 National Sports Collectors Convention Gave Baltimore Biggest Impact


Collectors, dealers and others who showed up at the National Sports Collectors Convention made a big impact on the city’s tourism trade.