Collector Creates ‘History of the Hockey Jersey’ Book

A new 160-page book tells the NHL’s story through its jerseys.

Book on Vintage Cracker Jack Cards in Planning Stages

The authors of The T206 Collection: The Players & Their Stories are now working on a book on the 1914 and 1915 Cracker Jack set.

T206 Book Wins Award

More honors for a book on the players who make up the T206 set.

Willie Mays Book Signing Draws Wide-Eyed Fans

He hasn’t always been the most gracious card show guest, but Willie Mays seemed to have a hold on folks who showed up to have him sign his book.

Collection Includes Special Signed Book

Baseball is a big part of Jim Leefer’s life.

New Book Offers History of Store Model Baseball Gloves

John Graham’s collection tells the story of baseball–and baseball gloves–through a new book.

Blog: New T206 Book Delivers on Promise

You’ll appreciate how good you have it when you learn about some of the fates of the players who make up the iconic T206 collection.

PSA Offers Free Copies of New T206 Book

T206: The Players & Their Stories is part of a new promotional package from PSA.

New Book Tells Phillies’ Story Through Memorabilia

Baseball history lovers–and memorabilia collectors– will dig a new book chronicling the history of the Phillies.

Box of Ordinary Cards Leads to Book

ESPN’s Rob Neyer goes one-on-one with the author of Cardboard Gods.

T206 Book Ready to Ship

The authors of T206 Players talk about the hobby’s latest coffee table book as they prepare to release it.

Q&A With Mint Condition Author Dave Jamieson

Author Dave Jamieson answers questions about his new book on the history of baseball cards–and those who had the biggest impact.

T206 Book Tells Stories Behind the Faces

Just who were those guys in the T206 set? A new book will offer some insight.

Collector Launching Fleer Book Project

Collector Jeff Shepherd’s goal for 2010? Publish the ultimate scrapbook about the 125-year history of the Fleer Corporation.

New Baseball Card Book Will Make for Interesting Read

I just received a preview copy of a new book slated for release this spring that could get the hobby talking again. It’s called "Mint Condition", written by Dave Jamieson, a young but exceptional writer who has authored pieces for Slate, New Republic and the Washington City paper. The book’s subtitle is "How Baseball Cards […]

Signed Golf Ball Quest Becomes Book

Joe Galiardi, a lifetime collector, has written a book about his favorite behind-the-scenes stories of tracking down celebrities for their autographs on golf balls. He claims to have one of the largest private autographed golf ball collections in the country.

New Yankees Book; Old Yankees Collection

UPDATED WITH VIDEO There’s a new book out with hundreds of iconic Yankees photographs through the years, while we meet one of the club’s biggest fans and collectors in… Utah?

Hoop Hall’s 50th Means Big Book

The Basketball Hall of Fame is 50 and some of its treasures are on display in a new book.

Baseball Americana Book Highlights History, Memorabilia

Collectors and fans have a new book to devour–just in time for October baseball.

Remember the AFL Honors League (and its Football Cards)

In 1959, eight wealthy businessmen, unable to break into the closed ranks of the National Football League, agreed to start their own—calling it the American Football League. None could have foreseen the wild ride that followed. From 1960 through 1969, when the league merged with the NFL, the AFL captured the imagination of the country, […]