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Ramblings: Post-Season Moments That Begged for Baseball Cards

As a new post-season opens, Rich Klein is thinking of some old ones and the cards that could have been.

Story of Bobby Thomson Home Run Ball Comes to TV

Miracle Ball documents one man’s quest to find out what happened to the Bobby Thomson home run ball that clinched the 1951 pennant for the Giants. Hopefully, you have the Velocity network.

Has Bobby Thomson’s 1951 ‘Shot’ Jersey Already Been Found?

Collectors have wondered for years what became of the jersey Bobby Thomson was wearing when he hit the ‘Shot Heard ‘Round the World’. It may have been sitting in one man’s collection for the last six years.

Holy Grails of Baseball Memorabilia

What pieces of baseball history would generate enormous buzz if they could somehow be uncovered?

Miracle Ball: Search for Thomson’s Homer

A new book hits store shelves this week, focused on one man’s search for the famous 1951 home run ball hit by Bobby Thomson. But it’s not just a sports memorabilia book.  It’s among the great mysteries of the sports memorabilia world. What became of Bobby Thomson’s 1951 ‘Shot Heard ‘Round the World’? Thomson’s October […]