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Astros Authenticator Has Hand in Everything


Mike Acosta isn’t old enough to remember when they were called the Houston Colt .45s, but he knows plenty about that era of Houston baseball history.  The Astros’ Authentication Manager wears a lot of hats in his job. He handles everything from making sure the team’s bobblehead giveaways look like the players they’re supposed to […]

Bobblehead Nation is Still United

Felix Hernandez bobblehead

They’re quirky, goofy and…well…often free. Bobbleheads are no beanie babies. It appears they’re here to stay.

Whooo! Whooo! Team Holds Cruise Bobble Night

The Lake Elsinore Storm of the California League "honored" Tom Cruise with a bobblehead night…except more than the head bobbled. Watch the funny story from KCAL TV in L-A. (You’ll have to search within their video archive).