Black Swamp Find

Notes: Vintage Sales and a Find; Cobb Cards Featured; Ruth Auction

Sales updates on ’52 Mantles; a record for Mays; more on the Cobb find, Babe’s bat brings big bucks and a find of ’67 Topps with origins in an old drug store.

High-Grade 1910 Standard Caramel Cards Coming to Auction

Mile High Card Company will offer what it says is the best group of rare 1910 Standard Caramel (E93) cards ever offered at auction.

New TV Show Debut Includes Black Swamp Find Segment

Strange Inheritance, airing on Fox Business, launches this week with a segment on the 2012 Black Swamp Find of E98 baseball cards in an Ohio attic.

Hobby Pioneer’s Football Jersey Collection Up for Auction

Nearly 3,400 lots are now open for bidding including dozens of game-worn college football and NFL jerseys.

Jeter’s Only All-Star Home Run Bat Joins Vintage Cards in Memory Lane Catalog

The bat Derek Jeter used to hit his only All-Star Game home run, a T206 Plank and numerous Babe Ruth items are up for grabs at Memory Lane.

Original T206s, Colgans Chips Fall From Pittsburgh Home’s Rafters

A Pittsburgh man doing some work inside the very old house he lives in stumbled upon a baseball card treasure forgotten for decades.

Ali-Liston Gloves, Joe Jackson Bat Bring Combined $1.79 Million at Auction

The gloves worn by Muhammad Ali during the 1964 win over Sonny Liston and Babe Ruth’s 1923 World Series watch topped bidding in New York.

Gehrig Signed Baseball, Rare Vintage Cards On Huggins & Scott Block Starting Monday

A Lou Gehrig signed baseball and a high grade Cy Young card from one of card collecting’s greatest finds headline Huggins & Scott’s new auction.

Musial Collection Highlights’ Largest Catalog in Heritage History

Seven decades of personal memorabilia make up the Stan Musial collection and paint a fascinating picture of the late baseball icon.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: A Chat With Chris Ivy of Heritage Auctions

Rich Klein talks with Heritage Auctions Sports Director Chris Ivy about his start in the business, the Black Swamp Find and more.

Heritage Auctions Tallies Record Sales Year

The Black Swamp Find was only part of the story at Heritage Auctions, which also saw other collectible and historic markets set new marks.

Cards From E98 Find to be Displayed at Long Beach Expo

Ten Hall of Famers from the recently discovered Ohio find of E98s will be on display at the Long Beach Expo.

Best Known Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball Sells for $388,375

Cards from the Black Swamp find took a backseat to a pristine Babe Ruth autographed baseball–and one of his bats from the famed 1927 season in an auction held on the second night of the National Sports Collectors Convention.

VIDEO: 2012 National Opens in Baltimore

Take a five-minute trip around the floor to see the opening of the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention.

Selling Sweet Singles Back in Style

Publicity over some recent finds of vintage baseball cards has brought more out of the woodwork and into card shops.

T206 Back Variation Collection on Display at NSCC; E98 Reprint Giveaway

You’ll have a chance to see some rare cards and tobacco advertising products at this year’s National. You can also pick up PSA-encapsulated reprints of four cards from the Black Swamp Find.

E98s in Black Swamp Find Auction Already Past $350,000; Visit NBC Today Show

There was no shortage of publicity over the find of E98 baseball cards in that Ohio attic. There’s no shortage of bidders either.

Black Swamp Find, Family Coming to National

You’ll get to meet some of the cards found in the Ohio attic if you can make your way to Baltimore for the National Sports Collectors Convention.

E98 Baseball Cards Have Quirks, New Realities

Perhaps not everything there is to know about the suddenly famous E98 set, but a good start.

‘Black Swamp Find’ of 1910 E98 Cards Heading to Auction

A collection of long lost and pristine E98 cards has been uncovered and consigned to a major auction.