Beckett Launches Vintage Publications

Beckett is producing a new magazine aimed at vintage collectors and a new Almanac for older sports cards.

Notebook: Collector’s Letter to Mastro Judge; Turkey Red Football Sighting, T206 Silver Bars

A minority owner of an MLB franchise chimes in on the Mastro Auctions case, Topps takes Turkey Red to Target and info on a new T206-pure silver product.

Ramblings: Beckett’s Focus on the ‘Now’ is Understandable

Rich Klein says he’s surprised Beckett didn’t cut vintage cards from its monthly magazine long before now.

Beckett Acquires Industry Summit

Beckett Media has purchased the annual Industry Summit conference in Las Vegas.

COMC Claims Beckett Tried to Buy Them; Files Counterclaim

The jousting continues between former partners Beckett and COMC with the latter’s legal response to a lawsuit filed last month.

Rich Klein: Beckett Business Solutions Aims to Aid Collector, Shop Owner

Beckett Business Solutions will launch early next year, aimed at uniting dealers around the country to help collectors find what they’re looking for. Not much is known yet but they’ve brought a hobby veteran on board to help steer.

Rich’s Ramblings: Battle of the Price Guide Books

Rich Klein looks at the recent releases of a couple of sports collectible price guides and how they relate to the companies that issue them.

First Time’s the Charm: Georgia Woman’s First Hobby Box Reveals 1/1 Babe Ruth Autograph

Stacy Marlow had never purchased a full box of baseball cards in her life but her first one produced a card worth thousands of dollars.

Rich Klein: Piecing Early Beckett Almanacs Together Was No Easy Task

Rich Klein rambles back to the early days of the Beckett Almanac, a massive undertaking without the benefit of speedy, smart computers.

Beckett Autographs is Company’s First Ever Guide

Beckett has compiled its first sports autograph price guide book with over 430 pages of values and exemplars of sports stars’ signatures.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Tracking Scarcities

Rich Klein recalls early efforts to confirm that some older Topps cards were truly harder to find than others.

Rich’s Ramblings: Beckett Brothers, MLB Network Fail, COMC Dialogue

Rich Klein gets together with some old friends from back in day at Beckett wonders why MLB Network wasn’t offering classic Stan Musial and Earl Weaver and why listening is important.

Collecting the Collector: Beckett Grader’s Cartoons in New Book

A new book of cartoons created by Beckett’s senior grader pokes good natured fun at collectors of all kinds.

Five Underrated Baseball Card Products of the 1990s

Not everything in the 1990s was overproduced and some of it was groundbreaking. Chris Harris has five of the most underrated products that are getting on in years now.

Quarterbacks Driving Modern Football Card Market

Cam Newton and Andy Dalton proved you can become an instant hobby star as a rookie quarterback. Now, new faces try their hand and collectors haven’t been shy about rolling the dice.

Five Post-1990 Baseball Card Sets Worth Having

For many serious baseball card collectors, the mid-1980s marked the beginning of the end for worthwhile collecting. With interest in the hobby increasing, card companies began churning out sets in never before seen quantities, flooding the market with cards that today are barely worth the paper they’re printed on. Yet there are still a few […]