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Happy Anniversary: 1965 Bazooka Baseball Cards

Fifty years after its release, our Vintage Set of the Week is 1965 Bazooka Baseball, which brought back the usual Hall of Famers and mixed in some newcomers.

Set(s) of the Week: 1966 and 1967 Bazooka Baseball

Topps used many of the same photos and even the same card numbers for its 1966 and 1967 Bazooka baseball card sets.

1963 Bazooka Baseball Set

Kids who couldn’t get a big enough baseball fix went for the 1963 Bazooka baseball card set, a product jammed with future Hall of Famers.

1969-70 Bazooka Baseball: Unique Set Honored Game’s Greats

Looking for an affordable set more than 40 years old, oozing baseball history? Check out the 1969-70 Bazooka Baseball set.