Moutain of Baseball Memorabilia Keeps Okie Collector Busy

You name it, Robert Taylor has it. It’s all over his house thanks in part to a friendly neighbor and a former Yankee.

Baseball Card Shop Making a Mini Comeback?

The Editor’s Blog mulls the latest headlines and whether the dearth of card shops and the rise of technology might be creating some new brick-and-mortars.

Gold Home Run Derby Balls to Debut

For your most elite autographs…a $150 baseball.

2011 Topps Tier One Baseball Will Debut in November

Topps is promising on card autographs galore as it prepares for yet another new product release this fall.

USA Baseball Giveaway Includes Vintage Game Used, Autographed Stash

USA Baseball didn’t throw anything away, apparently, and now they’re giving away some vintage goods from stars before they were stars.

Rays’ Throwbacks Thumb Nose at History

Can you eliminate the coolest part of an old jersey and still call it a throwback? Apparently so. Collectors buying them…beware.

A Tale of Two Sports Card Businesses

Two sports card businesses in the same geographic area both find success; one online…the other clinging to the brick-and-mortar method.

Dealing with Baseball Card Dealers: The Art of Haggling

How to make sure you get the biggest bang for your collecting buck.

Editor’s Blog: Cool Pants, Honus Visits Braves, PSA Videos

Not every pair of game-worn pants is weird. Ballplayers ogle Keith Olbermann’s T206 Wagner and PSA launches a series of educational videos, starting with bats.

Missing Those Baseball Card Cartoons

Stats AND player-specific cartoons the back of baseball cards? Now those were the days. ESPN’s Jim Caple waxes nostalgic…with a new twist.

2011 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts Baseball Released

Upper Deck’s 2011 Legendary Cuts hits the market, and one major pull has already landed on eBay.

More Foreign Vintage Baseball Cards Part of Auction

More cards from the wide-ranging Richard Merkin Collection are on the block this month.

FBI Won’t Pursue Missing Puck; Not Fans of COA

Some serious talk about the missing Stanley Cup-winning puck in Chicago, including some bits of knowledge on all things memorabilia from the agency investigating the hobby.

Topps Back in the Baseball Stickers Game

Topps has announced that it will return to producing a baseball stickers set–at least for this year.   In early August, the company will release a product similar to what it offered years ago; a collection of player stickers and team logos plus an album to go with them–all geared toward the younger set and their […]

Stat Back Evolution

Is the back of a ’52 Topps much different than an ’98 Upper Deck? One writer’s look at the elements that taught millions of kids how to do math.

Baseball Hall of Fame Reaches Visitor Milestone

An unsuspecting, but regular guest from Canada got a big welcome Friday.

Cam Perron is the World’s Coolest Kid

Who do former Negro League players call their friend, confidant and greatest advocate? A 16-year-old collector from Massachusetts.

Roger Maris Cards…Why They Still Matter

He’s not in the Hall of Fame and he’s technically not the home run king of anything anymore. But the interest in Roger Maris cards remains strong.

New Exhibit Highlights Baseball Records

The Baseball Hall of Fame will salute the game’s records and the stories behind them in ‘One for the Books’, a new exhibit that features some big-time baseball memorabilia.

Editor’s Blog: Baseball Card Museum, Lady Collector, Heroin and Cards Don’t Mix

A couple of collector stories…and one who will likely be collecting a prison sentence.