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Panini Plans High End Baseball Product Release

2012 Prime Cuts Ripken

2012 Panini Prime Cuts will feature strictly autograph and relic cards as the company dishes out a revamped product.

2nd Annual Mickey Mantle Tribute Show

1952 Bowman Mantle

He’s not around to sign autographs anymore but that didn’t stop collectors and dealers from turning out for the 2nd Mickey Mantle Show.

2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball: More Rookie Autographs for Your $

2012 Bowman Sterling Showcase Bryce Harper autograph

Topps is saying no to relics and yes to more autographs in its 2012 Bowman Sterling baseball product, due out in time for Christmas.

Five Underrated Baseball Card Products of the 1990s

McDonalds1990 Baseball

Not everything in the 1990s was overproduced and some of it was groundbreaking. Chris Harris has five of the most underrated products that are getting on in years now.

1970 Topps Rack and Tray Packs: An Overview

1970 Topps Baseball Rack Pack

They were a good deal at the time, but finding 1970 Topps rack and grocery rack packs is a tall order.

W517 Baseball Set Offers Value

Babe Ruth 1931 baseball card W517

At just 54 cards, with reasonably priced Hall of Famers and a pair of cards that feature Babe Ruth, the 1931 W517 baseball set is easy to like.

Topps Tier One: Gobs of Knobs

Mickey Mantle bat knob card Topps Tier One

Bat knobs and guaranteed autographs seem to be driving sales of the brand new 2012 Topps Tier One baseball product.

2012 Topps Series 2: The Online Roundup

Topps Darvish Lefthanded variation

The second of the annual trilogy is in stores or on its way. Here’s what we know about 2012 Topps Series 2.

Topps Series II Wrapper Redemption Program Includes Retail

Bryce Harper Topps autograph Gold Rush

Topps is offering a new set of 50 cards as part of a 2012 Series II wrapper redemption program, this time including packs purchased at places like Target and Walmart.

Topps’ Golden Ticket Baseball Pulled by Shop Owner

Gold baseball

A card shop owner lands one of the ten Golden Ticket baseballs signed by a trio of all-time greats.

1970 Topps Baseball Wax Box Variations

1970 Topps Wax Boxes

Collectors of 1970 Topps have more than one wax box to choose from.

2012 Topps Baseball: Christmas or Craziness?

Topps Baseball 2012 box

For collectors, ‘Opening Day’ means ripping the first packs of the year’s first cards, when celebrity collectors blog, dealers bust mountains of cases and buyers and sellers test eBay’s servers.

Topps Series One Will Include Pujols, Reyes Short Prints

Albert Pujols 2012 Topps card 331

Topps has added a pair of short prints to its upcoming 2012 Series One set thanks to some graphic artistry.

Tipping Points in the Trading Card Industry

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein examines some of the modern trading card industry’s watershed moments.

Left Field Cards Born Out of French Woman’s Baseball Addiction

Amelie Mancini baseball cards

Amelie Mancini fell head over heels for baseball five years ago. Now she’s using her unique artistic skills for an artsy set of cards that debuts with ‘Bizarre Injuries”.

PA Cops: Crime Spree Began With Baseball Cards


Three people have been arrested after a string of thefts that resulted in a van packed full of what police say are stolen collectibles.

Despite ‘Terrible’ Location, San Diego Shop Rolls On

All Star cards Santee

You’ll probably miss his sports card shop if you’re driving by but after 24 years, Jerry Mudra pretty secure in how to survive in business.

Topps Will Feature Roberto Clemente in 2012 Baseball Cards

1955 Topps Roberto Clemente PSA 10

You’ll see more of the late, great Roberto Clemente inside Topps’ 2012 products.

TV Show in Development Needs Collectors

Nigel Lythgoe

It’s definitely the year of the collector on reality TV. Producers of a new TV show want to hear about your collecting obsession.

Collector Who Witnessed 9/11 Attack Reflects


A New Jersey collector had a front row seat to the terrorist attacks ten years ago.