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Robert Edward Auctions

Rich’s Ramblings: Long Live Big Sets

Upper Deck 40 Man

Rich Klein recalls the ‘counter-revolution’ that brought back bulked up baseball card sets–for a few years anyway.

Best Selling Sports Card Books

2012 Beckett Baseball Card Price Guide Annual

It’s a collector’s best seller list. The top five best selling sports card books is heavy on good, old fashioned financial reference.

A Requiem for Hostess Baseball Card Sets 1975-1979

Hostess 1978 baseball box

A troubled iconic American brand has bid farewell, but long-time collectors remember when Hostess baseball card sets created a rush on snack cakes.

The Big Show: Charles M. Conlon’s Golden Age Baseball Photographs

Charles Conlon Big Show

A new book brings us more great baseball photographs from Charles M. Conlon. Can you say “Christmas list”?

Topps Opening Day Baseball: The Richard Nixon of Baseball Card Sets

Neftali Feliz 2012 Topps Opening Day

Topps has achieved peace with honor with its often ignored Opening Day baseball product, set to return in 2012.

Editor’s Blog: Baseball Card Museum, Lady Collector, Heroin and Cards Don’t Mix

E. Paul Miller

A couple of collector stories…and one who will likely be collecting a prison sentence.

10 Great Vintage Bowman Baseball Cards

Bobby Thomson 1951 Bowman

Topps released its top 60 baseball cards of all-time this week. Bowman’s short run in the card universe deserves a little love, too.

Ex-Topps Photographer’s Work Heading to HOF

Doug McWilliams’ friendship with Vida Blue led to a bunch of great gigs as a photographer.