baseball card collection

War Veteran Selling Card Collection to Pay Bills

Iraqi war veteran Brad Solomon, diagnosed with blood cancer, is selling off his baseball card collection to cover living expenses.

Collectors Show Off Their Memorabilia Rooms

We draw for a 1975 Topps Mini baseball pack as you submit pictures of your card/memorabilia rooms. The parade of man caves is inside.

NJ Man Says $10,000 Card Collection Stolen

Why was a baseball card collection supposedly worth ten grand left behind in a home while the owner moved out?

Auction of Large Cuban Baseball Card Collection Continues

A group of rare vintage Cuban baseball cards from the collection of Richard Merkin are among the items up for bid.

Largest PSA Graded Baseball Card Collection Ever Offered Acquired By Memory Lane

One of the best collections of PSA graded baseball cards on the planet is now up for grabs.

Stars, Not Sets are Kendrick’s Motivation

You won’t find him sorting stacks of commons, but you will find him on the hunt for some of the best baseball cards in existence.

Are Card Shops a Recession Barometer?

It’s all about discretionary income.

Stolen Baseball Card Collection: Search Still On

A North Carolina man’s collection was more of a family heirloom. That’s why he’s hoping against all odds his stolen vintage sports cards turn up somewhere.