Barry Bonds

Is Barry Bonds Destined to be Hobby Pariah?

On June 4, 1986, a tall and wiry rookie from Riverside California, stepped to the plate for the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. the Atlanta Braves. Batting leadoff, this 21-year-old outfield phenom planted a fifth inning offering by Craig McMurtry into the left field seats at old Fulton County Stadium. Barry Bonds’ solo home run that day […]

REA Believes All 2001 Barry Bonds “Home Run Jerseys” Fake

They’re supposedly authenticated by Barry Bonds. But are they real home run jerseys? Bonds says no…and now an auction house is lining up in agreement.

PSA Grades Autographs for New Packaged Product

A new venture has put certified, cut autographs three to a box with every player a current or former All-Star.

Alex Rodriguez 500th Home Run Ball Sold for $103,579

Bidders showed no hesitation in chasing the ball that put ARod in a club with less than two dozen members.

Bonds 715th ball landing on eBay

While everyone else was glued to home plate, he went for beer and peanuts when Barry Bonds came to the plate, stuck on 714. That un-fan-like move is paying off for the guy who had a piece of history drop into his lap.