Red Sox to Highlight Fenway Artifacts in 100th Anniversary Celebration

The Red Sox will go all out for the Fenway Park 100th anniversary celebration, with ballpark artifacts playing a big role.

Pirates, Red Sox, Astros Holding Sales

Game-used items will be up for sale when the Pirates and Astros hold team sales over the next week and a half while the Red Sox old spring home is holding a yard sale.

Cincinnati Reds Museum Worth The Trip

A new Johnny Bench exhibit includes a collection of game-used items that makes the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum even more of a must-see.

Topps Issues Strasburg’s First Rookie Card

You’ll have to be lucky to get one.

Did Fan Snare 1st Ball From Old Met Stadium?

It’s a game-used baseball any auction would love to have…but how do you prove it?

Nice Gig: Dealer Sells Cards at Yankee Stadium

A business break has one vintage card dealer smiling.

Mets Leftovers Get Ex-Guard in Trouble

Taking home a few items during the demise of Shea Stadium turned out to be a legal headache for one New Yorker.

Old Major League Ballparks Focus of New Site

Grab a piece of baseball’s past with a visit to a new website that’s all about some of the most well-known old ballparks of all-time.

Collecting Baseball Fans’ Photos a Labor of Love

Some one-of-a-kind photos of baseball players taken by fans could soon give us a new look at the game and its personalities.

Florist Helps Preserve Old Yankee Stadium

What’s a piece of baseball memorabilia without your local FTD representative?

Tough Trop Cop Doesn’t Sway Collector

Is ballpark security now using heavy handed tactics on fans who snare home run balls?