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Ramblings: Sloppy Signatures and the Brooklyn Dodgers’ Clubhouse Signer


Rich Klein recalls Beckett having some fun with sloppy signatures and recounts a story about a couple of young autograph seekers visiting Thurman Munson.

Mike Schmidt Longs for the Days of Legible Autographs

Signed Mike Schmidt ball

The Hall of Fame third baseman gets the autograph business but says if today’s athletes won’t take time to write so someone can read it and engage the fans a little, why bother?

More Crummy Looking Autographs Hit Market

bad autograph

Shall we pray for the autograph authenticators of the 21st century? Many of today’s NFL rookies can’t sign their name worth a lick.

Gallery of Awful Autographs

Lawrence Timmons auto

Players might be able to write you a note explaining why they’re giving autographs a bad name…but you wouldn’t be able to read it.