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1914 Babe Ruth Card Still Safe at Home in Museum

Still in the family of the original owner after 97 years, one of the hobby’s holy grails is treated with respect at the Babe Ruth Museum.

Selling Dad’s Things Difficult for Roberts Family

Dividing up hundreds of pieces of memorabilia from their father’s career was a daunting task for Robin Roberts’ children, so they made the tough call to auction it.

T206 Wagner, Ruth Cards, Autos Highlight Catalog

Gathered together, they’re a veritable sports collecting museum. The only difference? These are for sale.

Busy Bidding in Huggins & Scott Auction

All but a few lots offered in a recent catalog sale found new homes, including some big ticket modern era cards.

Signed Game-Used Cobb Bat Enters Hobby

An upstate New Yorker showed Ty Cobb some day off hospitality and received an autographed bat in return. After 85 years, it’s about to go on the auction block.