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Robert Edward Auctions

Babe Ruth Memorabilia Exhibit Coming to NSCC


Fans and collectors will get a chance to see and even touch some rare and valuable Babe Ruth memorabilia at the upcoming NSCC event at Cleveland’s I-X Center.

Unopened Bell Brand Koufax, Fresh T206s Highlight Huggins & Scott

Unopened Sandy Koufax Bell Brand card

Huggins and Scott kicks off its last big catalog auction of 2013 today with an unopened 1960 Bell Brand Sandy Koufax, some new-to-the-hobby T206s, and hundreds of high grade vintage sets and singles.

First Time’s the Charm: Georgia Woman’s First Hobby Box Reveals 1/1 Babe Ruth Autograph

Stacy with Babe Ruth

Stacy Marlow had never purchased a full box of baseball cards in her life but her first one produced a card worth thousands of dollars.

More Rare Vintage Cuban, Negro League Cards Up for Grabs

Pop Lloyd

You think your stuff is rare? Try tracking down some of these Cuban baseball cards and other rarities now on the auction block.