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Notes: Stolen Series Ring Recovered; Slugger Museum’s 1890 Colonels Exhibit

A former trainer gets his 1985 Royals World Series ring back after a burglary, a cool exhibit in Louisville and NBA player Matt Bonner’s collection.

Best Autographed Sports Memorabilia to Buy

A few tips on finding the best sports memorabilia on the market and how to make the right decision about what to buy and how to display it.

Autograph from 8-Year-Old Derek Jeter Heads for Auction

A ball with autographs from a very young Derek Jeter and his Little League teammates after a particularly great season is coming to auction.

If it’s Just a Baseball Signed by Some Kids, Why is Someone Asking $1,699?

A California man is offering a ball signed by members of a Babe Ruth League All-Star team in 1968. One of the autographs is from a 13-year-old who became an international star.

Childhood Treasure Coming to Auction: High Grade 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers Autographed Ball Has Quite a Story to Tell

A young African-American boy’s trip to the east coast led him to the locker room of the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers where he was given something he cherished for decades. Now, that piece of baseball history is about to be sold.

Barry T. Malkin “In Memoriam” Collection Highlights Huggins and Scott Auction

A 1952 Topps Mantle, a complete 1934 Goudey set and other items that were part of the collection of a late employee headline Huggins and Scott’s latest auction, which also includes Walter Payton’s old driver’s license.

Ruth-Capone Signed Baseball Could Top $200,000

Mile High Card Company will sell what’s believed to be the only known Babe Ruth-Al Capone autographed baseball in its upcoming auction.

Deaf Man’s Presidential Autographed Baseball is Lifelong Quest

Tom Cooney’s baseball with the autographs of 11 different presidents is one of a kind–and valuable enough to keep in a safe deposit box.

Best Known Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball Sells for $388,375

Cards from the Black Swamp find took a backseat to a pristine Babe Ruth autographed baseball–and one of his bats from the famed 1927 season in an auction held on the second night of the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Time for Teams to Stop Pretending Home Run Balls Have Little Value

The family of an Atlanta teen is crying foul over a home run ball hit by Chipper Jones and the sly way they believe the team got away with a one-sided trade.

Could 2012 Be the Year of the Sports Memorabilia Reality Show?

Two new TV shows are in the works, centered around sports memorabilia. Both are still looking for your stuff–and your stories to showcase.

Topps Adds Strasburg Cards, Autographs, Grand Prize to Sterling

Stephen Strasburg returned to the big leagues Tuesday night and Topps is wasting no time promoting their young spokesman as the season winds down.

1957 World Series Signed Baseballs Fall From Ceiling

…and you wonder why we write about the hobby every day.

Florida Man Charged Over Phantom Signed Baseball

Sheriff’s deputies say Kenneth Lane sold a ball signed by a catcher–and a mobster. One he didn’t have.

Baseballs Signed by Hall of Famers Still Focus for Many

The single-signed ball is still the bomb for most collectors.