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VIDEO: John Stockton Talks Autographs, Collecting…and His New Book

John Stockton’s new book ‘Assisted’ is out and the very private Basketball Hall of Famer is talking about autographs and collecting.

The Strange Saga of Clancy Smyres and Why His Autograph is More Valuable Than Babe Ruth

Long time autograph hounds know that an obscure 1940’s Brooklyn Dodger’s autograph is virtually impossible to find. They just don’t know why.

Five Essential Tools for Autograph Collectors

Collectors who want to track down athletes and celebrities for autographs had best come prepared. We’ve got tips from a veteran collector.

MEARS Auction Salutes Fall Classic

Dozens of vintage bats, a 1929 Packers championship watch, and a wide variety of items from every sport are part of the current MEARS online auction.