Vintage Sports Memorabilia Q and A

You’ve had questions about identification, authentication and other memorabilia-related topics and David Cycleback is answering them.

Memorabilia Collecting and Authentication Quick Tips: Part 3

Simple tips on factors that can help authenticate game cards, signed prints, antique paintings and more.

Antique Prints Collecting Tips and a New Authentication Guide

A few tips and complete guide for collectors of ad signs, posters and other antique prints.

Sports Collector’s Guide to Identifying Glass

Learn about many standard types of glass you’ll find in some sports memorabilia, including lead crystal, cobalt, milk glass and blown glass.

Identifying Antique Commercial Printing Processes: Part 1 of 6

A series of articles will help provide keys to authenticating and dating sports cards, posters, signs and other memorabilia created through commercial printing processes.

Guide to Authenticating Pre-War Baseball Cards

David Cycleback drops some knowledge from the book he wrote on authenticating pre-War baseball cards.

Vintage Baseball Cards Questions and Answers

The following are answers to email baseball card and related questions I’ve received in the past. If you have any questions for my column, feel free to email me at [email protected] QUESTION: What is a baseball card progression proof? ANSWER: Progression proofs were proofs, or test prints, that were used by the printers to test […]

How to Use a Black Light to Identify Reprints and Fakes of Antique Paper Collectibles

Learn how to use a black light identify many modern reprints and fakes of antique paper collectibles and memorabilia.

Autograph Authentication on Amazon and eBay: Where Does It Stand?

It is important to know the differences in what the two internet giants allow when it comes to the selling of autographed material. And it is essential to understand the similarities.

PSA Introduces New Holders

After tweaking the product it introduced to its most loyal customers back in August, PSA has unveiled the new holders for your submitted cards and autographs.

PSA to Offer On Site Grading Special at NSCC

PSA will lower fees for grading and authentication at the National Sports Collectors Convention as long as you submit in quantity.

Topps Offers PSA Authentication for ’11 Draft Picks and Prospects AFLAC Autos

Topps is offering free PSA Authentication for ’11 Draft Picks and Prospects AFLAC autographed cards.

Face-to-Face Offer Leads to Big Consignment

Some collectors prefer a more personal touch in the internet age.