Topps Will Offer 2010 Heritage Strasburg at NSCC

Topps will unveil its latest Stephen Strasburg rookie card at this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention. Collectors opening 10 packs of 2010 Topps/Bowman branded baseball cards (except Topps Attax, Topps Opening Day and the .99 cent Topps Cello Pack) at the Topps booth will receive a 2010 Topps Heritage Strasburg card numbered NCC1. The card, […]

Topps, Panini Chase Monster Soccer Market

Collectors in Europe, South America, South Africa might be more passionate about their card collecting than North Americans.

Topps Has Winner in Attax Franchise

Topps Attax is not rocket science, but the game is attractive enough to be a big money-maker and an obsession for company CEO Michael Eisner.