Topps Turns Archive into Art With Line of Baseball Card Prints

Topps is turning its old baseball cards into home décor.  The company unveiled its newest product line Tuesday.  Topps Archive Prints are 25″ x 34″ vintage art prints featuring digitally remastered original Major League Baseball card artwork.  They’re designed to be hung on walls of a sports room, man cave, or office. The company’s first […]

Series of New Ron Lewis Signed Lithographs Feature Greatest Living Jewish Players

His signed 500 home run club and 3,000 hit lithographs are well known to collectors. Now, Sandy Koufax and Ryan Braun headline the latest Ron Lewis art.

World Series Programs Still Popular

From scorecards to local and historic flavor to a slick package of feature stories and mountains of ads, World Series programs have quite a history.

Panini Sues Company Over Bryant Memorabilia

Panini America has filed suit over what it claims is a company violating its deal with Kobe Bryant and selling phony autographs inside his home arena.

Great Koufax Card! Let Me Get My Scissors

San Diego artist LaVern Brock creates big cards out of little cards.

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Details

Topps has gathered bones, swatches, autographs and even some cardboard for its next edition of Allen & Ginter.

2009 National Chicle Football Review

Topps’ ode to a classic football card set is heavy on the art.

Signed Winter Classic Program Art on Block

From Topps sketch cards to a big time NHL gig, it’s been a good year for Brian Fox.

Autographed Sketches Offer 1930s Snapshot

Arthur Haas turned his two loves; sports and art; into one-of-a-kind pieces over 75 years ago.

Cash for Art Clunkers

Give this guy an ‘A’ for creativity in marketing…even if it is a ‘borrowed’ concept: The Marquess Gallery, featuring the photographic baseball art of Don Marquess, has instituted its own “cash for clunkers” program, under which people turning in old clunker art (at least 11”x14”), will be rewarded with a one-third discount on any art […]

Easy Come, Easy Go: $25 Million in Signed Sports Art

The man who owned a famous set of 1970s Andy Warhol athlete portraits–signed by the subjects–has cancelled his insurance claim.

How to Turn 996 Common Baseball Cards Into a Honus Wagner

Like any good card collector, Tim Carroll knows how to trade. He’s been in the hobby since 1987, about the time thousands of new collectors were being born every day and the card companies cranked up the presses to meet the demand. The sports card shops and card shows were stuffed with boxes and sets […]

Mickey Mantle Back in Lineup on 2007 Topps Derek Jeter

Someone in the art department had a little fun with Derek Jeter’s 2007 Topps baseball card. Alert collectors will spot two famous faces in the background. Now, it seems there could be more “Waldos” in the ’07 set.

Lineup cards popular with players & collectors

They used to be scribbled on a little piece of paper and tossed out.  Now, some lineup cards are works of art and collectors sometimes have to battle players for the one from the dugout.