American Caramel

Find of Star-Laden Pre-War Cards Enters Hobby

An inherited collection of nearly 70 pre-War baseball cards, more than half of which are Hall of Famers and Hindu T206s, will be sold by Beckett Auctions.

Collectors’ Choice: Most Popular Baseball Card Sets, 1900-1949

Collect what you like, but here are some of what many consider the most popular baseball card sets made in the first half of the 20th century.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Ultra-Rare 1915 E106 Nap Lajoie

Acquired at the recent Boston show and part of a rare set issued by American Caramel Company, fewer than 25 graded E106 Lajoie cards exist.

Grammar Police No Match for Wee Willie’s Cards

Pick up a Wee Willie Keeler baseball card and you’ll touch an image of one of early pro baseball’s best hitters.

Chick Gandil Rookie Card from E90-3 American Caramel Set is Scarce but Affordable

The man who helped recruit his White Sox teammates to become Black Sox has a rare rookie card in the Chicago-based American Caramel issue, one that may be underrated.

E120 American Caramel Among Most Popular 1920s Sets

Just about every decade has a baseball card set or two that lead the collectors’ popularity poll. The 19th Century has Old Judge and in the early 1900s there are T205 and T206. Cracker Jack’s two sets are the leaders in the early teens and the Goudey and Diamond Star sets are popular with collectors […]