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Cranston Sports Collectors Show Returns for 40th Event

The Super Bowl was only ten years old when Tom McDonough started the Cranston Sports Collectors Show. This year, the big game turns 50 and the show hits 40.

Recalling Two of the Hobby’s Major Figures

Rich Klein recalls the impact and the times of Bill Mastro and Alan ‘Mr. Mint’ Rosen.

1952 Topps Case is Baseball Card History

The only known surviving empty case of 1952 Topps high numbers is for sale. The price is a big one but so is its place in the annals of great baseball card finds.

Rich’s Ramblings: Of Old Willow Grove Days

Rich Klein catches up with an old friend who remembers a couple of the hobby’s wheeler-dealers who used to frequent the Philly show floor–and more.

Stories Behind Legendary 1952 Baseball Card Finds

Some of the highest grade 1952 Topps cards have great stories behind them. Many of those involve major finds. In 1986, Alan Rosen, known as Mr. Mint in hobby circles, was invited to a man’s home. No doubt expecting to see the usual nicks and dings older cards often displayed, Rosen was shocked to find the […]