19th century baseball cards

19th Century Trade Cards Had Charm And A Message

Advertising sometimes took on a comic flavor in the 19th century as some Masters Gargling Oil trade cards prove.

19th Century Star Barnes Popular with Collectors

A collector is pushing Hall of Fame consideration for hometown hero Ross Barnes but to collectors of his memorabilia, Ross Barnes seems already there.

1887 Four Base Hits Clarkson Found in Pages of Old Bible Sells for $95,600

It’s one-of-a-kind and so is the story behind a rare 19th century baseball card discovered last year.

A Look At Victorian Sports Trade Cards, Scraps and Die Cuts

Some are rather standard; others show a 19th century sense of humor. Victorian era trade cards, scraps and die-cuts pose a fun challenge for collectors.

At the NSCC: Autographed Cleveland Spiders Photos Once Owned by Cy Young

A look at some Cleveland Spiders 1893 Pifer & Becker cabinet photos that once belonged to Hall of Fame pitcher Cy Young set to be sold at auction.

Hoard of Old Judge Cabinet Cards at NYC Public Library

Some 19th century cards revealed at the New York City Public Library Monday include some that haven’t been cataloged before.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Near Complete 1895 Mayo’s Cut Plug

A collection of rare 19th century N300 cards is being broken up starting this weekend.

Sorting Out the 1800s to 1900s Old Judge ‘Proofs’ and Display Photos

There are a variety of so-called Old Judge Cabinet ‘Proofs’ and other Old Judge photo displays directly or indirectly related to the popular 1880s N172 and N173 Old Judge baseball cards.

Authenticating Old Judges, Four Base Hits, Kalamazoo Bats and Other 19th Century Cards

Don’t buy until you know: A guide to authenticating and counterfeit-detecting popular 19th century baseball cards.

Newly Discovered 19th Century Card of Hall of Famer Heads for Auction

An 1889 Police Gazette cabinet card of Hall of Famer John Montgomery Ward, still in the original mailing envelope, will be sold by Robert Edward Auctions after residing in the same family for 125 years.

1894 Alpha Engraving Orioles Investment Paid Off for Collector

The 1894 Alpha Engraving Baltimore Orioles baseball cards are among the rarest ever and valuable enough that one collector turned the only known set into a beautiful new house.

Financial Consultant Buys 1865 Card As Investment for Sick Son

A small Maine auction house has sold an 1865 Brooklyn Atlantics baseball card for a record price after it was found by an antique picker.