Interactive Infancy: 1997 Donruss VXP 1.0 CD-ROM

The dawn of interactive trading cards took place nearly 20 years ago, when Donruss introduced its VXP 1.0 CD ROM collection in 1997.

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A music teacher at a Florida school uses sports cards as an incentive for students to work hard and display good citizenship.

Topps Taking Tek to Football

Topps brought its 1990s Tek concept back in last year’s baseball products. Now, they’re bringing it to football with a late season release.

Landmark Basketball Cards and Sets of the 1990s

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Ramblings: When Collectors Come Back

Acquiring the cards you couldn’t or didn’t as a young person can be easy or hard depending on when you left.

Ramblings: Explaining What They’re Worth Often a Futile Exercise

Dealing with one-time collectors who don’t understand why they can’t sell cards for full retail.

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It was raining football cards in the early 1990s. Rich Klein remembers some of the brands that flooded the market–and then floated away.

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