1952 Topps

Baseball Card or Mug Shot? 1952 Topps Hank Thompson

Among the sets of the 1950s are cards of a smiling player who has an important role in baseball history. His grin belies a troubled life.

1952 Topps Eddie Mathews is One of Era’s Most Desirable

Rare even by the standards of the high numbers, the 1952 Topps Eddie Mathews rookie is among the most sought after post-War vintage cards.

Mile High to Offer NM/MT Early Mantle Cards

High-grade early Mickey Mantle cards including a PSA 8 1952 Topps join hundreds of other items in Mile High Card Company’s new auction.

High-Grade Vintage Set Breaks in Memory Lane Auction

Several top quality sets and near sets, including T205, E93, 1952 Topps and 1957 Topps will be parceled out during the 1,500 lot event.

Topps’ Scout Hunted Players’ Signatures in 1952

A newspaper article from 1952 sheds some light on Topps’ efforts to battle Bowman and snare players for use on its early card sets.

Sy Berger Elected to Shrine of the Eternals

The Baseball Reliquary has elected the late Sy Berger, long-time head of Topps, to its ‘Shrine of the Eternals’, which honors memorable baseball figures.

Ramblings: Collecting Can Be an Important Outlet

News from real life has Rich thankful for the escape that the fun of collecting provides.

Billy Martin Cards Chronicle Fast, Furious Life

Billy Martin baseball cards are many, spread over four decades in the game. It was on Christmas 1989 when baseball lost one of its most colorful figures.

Sy Berger, Long Time Topps’ Executive Dies at 91

A collection of stories and video from the life and times of Topps co-founder Sy Berger, who passed away early Sunday at age 91.

Say Hey: The Best Willie Mays Cards to Own

From the earliest to the best-looking to the ones with historic synergy, a look at the best original Willie Mays cards.

Vintage Buy of the Week: The National

There is plenty of activity on the floor of the National before the public gets inside.

Jackie Robinson Baseball Cards: A Guide to His Best

Sorting through the rookie cards and other original Jackie Robinson baseball cards.

Eddie Waitkus’ Story a Part of Vintage Baseball Card Lore

Eddie Waitkus baseball cards brought a bizarre story to the backs of baseball cards.

Collector’s Near Complete Topps Master Set Run Comes To Auction

In what’s being called “an unprecedented hobby event”, two dealers are bringing a complete Topps master set run to eBay– card by card.

45 Years Ago Marked End of the Line for Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle called it quits on March 1, 1969, eighteen years after he first popped out of late season baseball card packs. It’s our eBay Card of the Day.

eBay Card of the Day: 1952 Topps Gus Zernial

Gus Zernial with the ‘OK’ sign, six baseballs attached to a bat…and a print quirk that left him with a pink undershirt? It makes for one interesting 1952 Topps card.

Just Collect Launches 10,000+ Card End of Year Auction Party

A mammoth group of vintage sports cards is being sold off this weekend on eBay as Just Co;llect wraps up 2013 with its biggest auction of the year.

Mile High Premium Winter Auction Sets Records

High grade baseball card sets and near sets led the way as Mile High Card Company closed out 2013 with a smaller auction that packed a punch.

Editor’s Blog: 10 Interesting Items and Observations from a Day on eBay

Digging into the eBay sports card listings reveals some truth, some mystery, some head scratchers, a cautionary tale and a pack that always mesmerizes.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Errors and Variations Hardly a New Thing

I was given a new file at work to process in the past few days. Normally, my front end work is pretty simple if the information was put in correctly but this specific file came in with rafts of errors. Seeing that file reminded me of one of the hobby’s subtlest but hottest grouping of […]