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1950s Football Cards: Ten You Should Own

1955 Bowman Pat Summerall

Don’t have a fortune to invest in big-time rookies? Love NFL history? Grab these 1950s football cards and you won’t be sorry.

15 Most Valuable Baseball Cards of the 50s

Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps no case

It’s probably the most popular decade for collectors. A list of the most valuable high grade baseball cards of the 50s includes a mix of data.

Investment Targets in Baseball’s ‘Golden Age’

1951 Bowman Willie Mays

A look at some of the iconic players of the immediate post-War era and the best cards of their careers.

5 Cool 1952 Topps Cards You Can Own for About $250

Richie Ashburn 1952 Topps

Not all 1952 Topps cards cost an arm and a leg. Here are five fun ones you can snare in decent shape for a decent price.

Just Collect Launches 10,000+ Card End of Year Auction Party

Mike Schmidt 1973 Topps card

A mammoth group of vintage sports cards is being sold off this weekend on eBay as Just Co;llect wraps up 2013 with its biggest auction of the year.

Five Tips for Novice 1950s Collectors

Mickey Mantle 1954 Dan Dee

The 1950’s are a gold mine for collectors looking for history and variety.

Callahan Baseball Cards Gaining in Popularity

Joe DiMaggio 1950 Callahan

Created by an artist’s carefully placed pencil dots, the 1950s Callahan baseball cards are rare, star packed and possibly under priced.

Tracking the Top Selling 1950s Cards

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle

Got Mick? More collectors do after a stretch of sales involving Mickey Mantle cards from the 1950s. We track the big sale across the board this summer.

Stat Back Evolution


Is the back of a ’52 Topps much different than an ’98 Upper Deck? One writer’s look at the elements that taught millions of kids how to do math.