1948 Bowman

Ramblings: Yogi Berra Rookie Card Was Only the Beginning

World War II was a recent memory when kids first saw a Yogi Berra rookie card. It was the start of a very long run on cardboard for the popular catcher.

1948 Bowman Baseball Set Launched Post-War Card Market

The small but mighty 1948 Bowman baseball set is loaded with Hall of Fame rookie cards and the seeds of a burgeoning hobby.

Vintage Set of the Week: 1948 Bowman Set a Realistic Target

Think you can’t afford to try building a 1940s baseball card set? Think again. At just 48 cards, the 1948 Bowman baseball set is worth a shot.

eBay Set of the Week: Ralph Kiner Bowman Collection

Ralph Kiner was one of the game’s most feared sluggers in the late 1940s and early 50s but acquiring all of his Bowman baseball cards isn’t a costly proposition.

Ralph Kiner Cards a Big Part of Baseball’s Post-War Era

Ralph Kiner baseball cards reflect a lightning bolt career that led to Cooperstown–and cover more than just your standard Topps and Bowman.

1948 Bowman Basketball: The NBA Debuts on Cardboard

1948 Bowman basketball was the only post-War set until 1957. Got Mikan?