T206 Wagner Sales Show No Sign of Slowing

There are no guarantees in sports card investing–other than the rise in sales prices for the hobby’s signature card.

The sale of the PSA 1 Honus Wagner card in Robert Edward Auctions’ 2009 spring event established yet another bar for the card that every collector would love to own.

Never mind the fact that there are many other vintage cards that are actually more scarce, the Wagner remains the hobby’s holy grail.

Most of us will have to be happy with a reprint, but we can appreciate…well…the appreciation in recent years. The economic slowdown hasn’t hurt sales of Wagner cards at all–and there has been more than one available.

The lower grade Wagner will surely make John Rogers happy. He’s the Arkansas collector who plunked down $1.62 million for a PSA 5 copy last summer. The latest information should elevate the value of all Wagner cards.

The REA auction marked the tenth known sale of a Wagner card in just over four years.

Recent Sales Chronology of T206 Wagner Cards
PSA 1 PR-FR $399,500 Robert Edward Auctions/May 2009
SGC 40 VG $791,000 Weiss Auctions/November 2008
PSA 5 EX $1.62 million Mastro Auctions/August 2008
BVG 1 PR-FR $317,250 Robert Edward Auctions/ April 2008
SGC 10 PR-FR $227,050 Heritage Auctions/April 2008
PSA 8 NM/M $2.8 million Private Sale/Sept. 2007
PSA 8 NM/MT $2.35 million Private Sale/February 2007
GAI 3.5 VG $456,057 Mastro Auctions/December 2005
PSA 2 FR $294,337 Memory Lane/December 2006
PSA 2 FR $236,706 Mastro Auctions/April 2005


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