T206 Wagner Find (Yes, it’s Real)

Make room for one more.

The population of T206 Honus Wagner baseball cards known to exist is up by one.  This story has all of the elements of intrigue–and even some nuns.

T206 Wagner consigned to auctionA coin shop in Chesapeake, Virginia is playing host to the card this week, but it actually belongs to a convent in Baltimore that inherited the card from the late brother of one of the nuns there.

The man had died earlier this year in Pennsylvania and  left the card to the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  It was part of a stash of collectibles hidden in a secret compartment in his home.

The card has been authenticated by SGC, but is in rough shape, with its side borders completely trimmed away, heavy creasing and a small rip on the back.  Still, it could fetch $100,000 or more at auction and that’s where it’s headed later this fall.

Media reports in Virginia indicate the previous owner also had a collection of 1903 Breisch-Williams and a few dozen other pre-War cards of Cy Young, Christy Mathewson, Ty Cobb.  He also had star cards  from a more modern era. The deceased man lived in Pennsylvania and had no descendants.

Less than 100 T206 Wagner cards are known to exist.  You can read more about the discovery in the Suffolk News-Herald.