T206 Wagner Auctions Closing

Big money is being spread around at a historic confluence of sports card auctions.

OK. I Admit it. I had an affair with Roger Clemens.

With that out of the way, we are looking forward to seeing the close of the two Honus Wagner T206 cards this weekend. You can follow Heritage Galleries auction from our home page to find out what their card goes for…and the other lots up for bid as well. The auction takes place today and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the other Wagner–this one being sold by Robert Edward Auctions–closes Saturday. It’s blown past $200,000 and could be on its way to $300K–at least. Another new record for a ‘poor’ condition card. There are hundreds of phenomenal pieces in the REA sale, including the first beer ad involving ballplayers–one dating to the 19th century. It’s actually on the cover of a prominent antique publication right now.

Don’t forget to watch the Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris TV ads on the home page–the M&M boys hawking Post Cereal in 1961. Great, great stuff.