T206 Magie Error Snapped up for $8K

T206  Sherry Magie card sells on eBay for ,000

It’s one of the most elusive cards in the T206 set. A Sherry Magie error, with corrected companion, has sold on eBay through a Buy It Now listing.

Collectors chasing the "monster" set of T206 cards search long and hard for a decent, yet affordable Sherry "Magie" error card.

The Philadelphia captain’s smiling visage seems bemused by the attention paid one little spelling error, but the card is clearly one of the hobby’s most difficult and sought-after.

One ungraded example changed hands in a busy Friday for vintage cards, selling at a Buy it Now price on eBay for $8000.

The card was one of several offered in recent weeks by a Louisiana seller. The buyer’s ID was private.

In August, an SGC graded 30 (rough equivalent to a PSA 2) sold for $9000.