T206 Doyle Error to Be Auctioned

The collection of a long-time hobbyist who passed away last year has been consigned to Robert Edward Auctions and will be offered in the company’s spring 2012 catalog.  The Joe Pelaez (1931-2010) collection includes a rare T206 “Slow Joe” Doyle “N.Y. Nat’l” error card.  One of less than ten believed to exist, the card has been graded PSA 3 and is part of a large accumulation of cards that includes two T206 sets.

Joe Doyle T206 error cardREA describes the Korean War vet as “one of the hobby’s most colorful and passionate collectors”.    Pelaez studied vintage cards and helped expose fake T206 Doyle and Magie error cards many years ago when it became an issue in the hobby.  Few surfaced once Pelaez and a group of other knowledgeable collectors led the fight to educate potential buyers of the fraud that was being perpetrated within the hobby. 

Known as a hobby throwback, Pelaez wasn’t actually a fan of grading services, often cracking out cards he would purchase. To insure as many bids as possible,  REA has graded both the Doyle and a T206 Eddie Plank (a ‘2’), among others, as it works to prepare the most valuable cards in the collection for auction.

A Doyle error card from the Charles Conlon collection and graded SGC 50 (VG-EX) sold in REA’s 2009 auction for $329,000.  A trimmed version, graded ‘Authentic’ by SGC sold via another auction in February of 2010 for $186,155.

Eddie Plank T206 PSA 2Pelaez had two T206 sets; one in fairly high grade and another, lower grade set.  He often brought the Doyle and his other vintage cards to shows in and around his home state of Virginia to show them to fellow collectors.  He had purchased the Doyle in 1990 for $19,000–a huge investment for a single card at the time.  In fact, it’s believed the card trailed only a T206 Wagner purchased at auction in the 1980s for $25,011 as the most expensive baseball cards sold to that time.

Pelaez had one of, if not the most complete collections of T209 Contentnea tobacco cards ever assembled (just a few short of a complete set of all known cards in the set), actively collected the T217 Mono Tobacco set and late in life, even attempted to chase the huge and elusive 640-card T210 Old Mill Tobacco set.  A set of T201 Mecca Double Folders and a higher grade set of T205 Gold Borders will also going into the REA catalog .   Pelaez also had what REA describes as an impressive small collection of N172 Old Judge cards and a selection of Cuban cards from the 1920s to the 1940s.