T205 Tattoo: Christopher Tinker Has Permanent Reminder of Great Grandfather

He was born long after his Hall of Fame relative had passed from this life.  Christopher Tinker lives in Baltimore, not Chicago where his great grandfather is still revered for helping the once feared Cubs to their last World Series title (yes, it’s now been 104 years).

Joe Tinker, a critical element in that Cub dynasty (?!?) more than a century ago, died in 1948 of complications from diabetes.  His baseball career was full of highlights and the scrappy 5’9 shortstop  immortalized in the famous poem by Franklin Adams, “Tinker to Evers to Chance”.

His grandson owns a few special pieces of memorabilia but  his great-grandson, an auto mechanic, has taken it one step further.  He’s got Joe’s 1911  T205 card tattooed on one of his forearms.

Their  connection to baseball’s past isn’t lost and Christopher Tinker tries to uphold the family name through his dedication to an occupation that offers much less fame, but similar satisfaction.  The New York Times stopped into that Baltimore auto shop recently and came away with this story.