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Suspect Nabbed in Cinci store thefts

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The bonehead who smashed windows of two sports card and memorabilia outlets in Cincinnati earlier in the week may have been the same guy who tried it at a golf course pro shop.  This time the cops were waiting.

Cincinnati police think 21 year-old Brian Smith may be involved in connection with incidents at a pair of sports memorabilia shops in the Cincinnati area. 

Baseball and football cards are missing from the Baseball Card Corner store owned by long-time collector/dealer Tom Pfirman.  Police arrested Smith as he handled a golf club and tried to break into a local golf course's pro shop.   No word on whether he tried to convince the cops he was just mad about grabbing a 1990 Donruss Juan Gonzalez instead of the 1961 Juan Marichal sitting next to it.  

Here's the original story the day of the break-ins from WCPO TV.  

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