Survey: Kids Less Than 10% of Hobby Shop Business

The vast majority of brick-and-mortar sports card shops–88 percent–report that those under the age of 17 comprise less than ten percent of their current customer base.

The somewhat startling statistic was revealed in an online survey conducted in conjunction with the upcoming Industry Summit trade event in Las Vegas.

Other survey results gave Panini America (formerly Donruss) high marks for customer service.

More than 75 percent of retailers gave Panini a rating of “excellent” or “good” in the survey, which was conducted in Mid-March.  The next highest company had just 31 percent response in the “excellent” and “good” categories.

Among other notable survey results:

** More than 50 percent of respondents have invested 20+ years into their hobby store.

** More than 30 percent of brick-and-mortar stores do not sell online – and a majority of those who do indicate online sales comprise less than 10% of their business.

** Only 14 percent of store owners purchase product from a single wholesale distributor, while 17 percent purchase product from six or more wholesalers.

“The survey results suggest significant opportunity for growth in many segments of our business,” said Kevin Isaacson, Summit host.

The Summit survey also assessed the performance of league and manufacturer promotions, as well as corporate product quality and innovation.

For more information on the survey or the Summit, contact Isaacson at [email protected]