Superstation, Baseball Cards Went Hand in Hand

To kids who’ve grown up in the post-Ted Turner era, it seems like much ado about nothing.  But when the Atlanta Braves began beaming their games toward a satellite more than three decades ago, baseball would never be the same.

No longer did Dale Murphy 1981 Toppsfans have to watch the home team.  No longer did you wonder if there might be a game on TV during the week.

If you had Superstation TBS out of Atlanta, you didn’t have to worry.

Turner’s brilliant move caught a lot of people off guard.  It made some other teams mad.

It also turned a lot of people looking for something to watch on TV into Braves fans and that was Ted’s whole idea.

If you were a kid back then, it was an amazing time.  Three companies were now making baseball cards and everyone was talking about them.  You could buy three packs for less than a buck.

For one blogger on Talking Chop, the Braves’ fan blog, all of it brings back a flood of great memories.