Super Collector’s Vintage Baseball Card Sets Now on the Market

Looking for a holiday gift for…yourself?  Memory Lane has just launched a special I Own it Now catalog, featuring dozens of the finest decades-old baseball card sets ever pieced together.  They are being made available for the first time and likely represent the highest graded group of vintage sets to be offered at one time.  Consigned from of one of the hobby’s most extensive private collections, they include multiple early 20th century issues, many of which are among the best known in terms of quality.  All are being offered for sale at a designated price, first come, first served, until January 2.  At that time, potential new owners can submit an offer.

Headlining the Dec. 21-January 5 catalog is a remarkable 1932 U.S. Caramel complete set (R328) priced at $375,000.   R328’s are usually found in less than presentable condition but this set is an exception. The scarcity of this release is a product of their limited distribution (mainly in the Boston area) and their distinct artwork.   This 31 card PSA Registered Set is #3 on the list with a GPA of 8.00. Every card in the 32 card set is graded PSA 8 NM-MT by PSA except #28, Ed Brandt, which is a PSA 8.5.   The set is a veritable who’s who of sports in the early part of the last century including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Bobby Jones, Rogers Hornsby, Jack Dempsey, Jimmy Foxx and Ty Cobb.

Step back several years and you’ll find several other scarce sets of uniquely high quality including one of the best 1909 American Caramel (E90-1) sets in existence.  Missing one common and ranked third on the PSA Set Registry, the set is highlighted by Joe Jackson’s Rookie card, which in this set is a PSA 4.  Some of the key cards in the set include a Ty Cobb PSA 4, Christy Mathewson PSA 4, Tris Speaker PSA 3 as well as two variations of Honus Wagner (Batting PSA 4, Throwing PSA 3). has additional images and information on specific cards in the set, which is priced at $75,000.

Perhaps no set best exemplifies the style of the first decade of the 20th century better than the 1909 Ramly.  This 121-card complete set portrays black and white images with a gold embossed frame.  Offered in the I Own it Now sale is the sixth best Ramly set on the PSA Registry, with a GPA of 4.054. Some of the key cards are as follows: Chief Bender PSA 4, Jimmy Collins PSA 5, Walter Johnson, PSA 5, Willie Keeler PSA 5, Eddie Plank PSA 7, Joe Tinker PSA 5 and Honus Wagner PSA 3.

The 1914 Cracker Jack set is one of the most popular of the “E” card sets.  It’s also one of the toughest to find in even respectable condition.   The 2-1/4” x 3” cards are printed on thin stock and were inserted into Cracker Jack boxes.  The set of 144 cards offered in the sale is PSA Registered with a GPA of 4.43 and is the #4 registered set.  Some of the key cards from this set include Joe Jackson, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson.   It’s priced at $165,000.

For years, collectors have appreciated the 1911 Turkey Red (T3) Cabinet set.  The oversized cards are striking to look at.  Turkey Red cards were obtained by mailing in coupons found in Turkey Red, Old Mill and Fez brand cigarettes. The cards measure 5-3/4” x 8”, and feature full color lithograph fronts with wide gray frames. The set originally was issued with 100 baseball players and 25 boxers.  This set includes baseball players only and has been PSA Registered as the #10 set with a GPA of 4.397. Key cards are as follows:  Ty Cobb PSA 4, Nap Lajoie PSA 5, Christy Mathewson PSA 5 and Walter Johnson PSA 5.  The set carries a $100,000 price tag.

Other high grade early sets presented from the collection include the PSA #1 rated 1922 (E121) Series of 120; 1933 Goudey Sport Kings, 1909 Dockman & Sons Gum missing Wagner, 1911 Mecca Double Folders; the 1911 T207, 1912 Hassan Triple Folders and others.

Considered the most difficult post-war gum set to complete is the 1948-49 Leaf issue. Skip numbered throughout, the set has 49 tough single-prints, comprising half the basic 98-card set.  It’s also home to Jackie Robinson’s rookie card, considered one of the top 100 cards in the hobby.   Included in the I Own It Now sale is a PSA Registered set with a 6.46 GPA. Some of the key cards are as follows: #1 Joe DiMaggio, PSA 7, #3 Babe Ruth PSA 7, #8 Satchel Paige RC PSA 7 and #79 Robinson RC PSA 7.

Bowman fans will have the opportunity to acquire high grade 1949 (master), 50, 52 (including a PSA 9 Mantle), ’54 (master) and ’55 sets.

The 1949 Bowman master set is registered with a 7.09 GPA and is the #11 set.  It includes a PSA 8 Stan Musial rookie card.  The 1950 set is PSA Registered as the #10 set with a GPA of 7.22. Key

cards include #11 Rizzuto PSA 8, #22 Robinson PSA 8, #46 Berra PSA 8 and #98 Ted Williams PSA 8.  The 1952 set includes an incredible PSA 9 Mantle and a PSA 8 Mays and is priced at $46,500.  The ultra-condition sensitive 1955 Bowman set is PSA Registered with a GPA of 7.824.

Post-War Topps sets offered include:  1955, 1956 master (PSA 9 Mantle); 1957, 1960, 1961 Master,  1963 Master (PSA 9 Rose rookie card); 1964 master; 1967 Master; 1968 Master and even a 1969 Master including the white letter Mantle variation, priced at $125,000.  The 1955 set includes PSA 8 copies of Sandy Koufax (rookie), Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron and Willie Mays and a PSA 9 Yogi Berra.  The 1956 master set contains all of the Team variations as well as a PSA 9 Mantle. The GPA is a little over 8.00 and includes two PSA 8 checklists.

The ultra popular 1957 set carries a GPA of 8.01 with keys including #1 Williams PSA 8, #18 Drysdale RC PSA 8, #95 MANTLE PSA 8, #302 Koufax PSA 8, #328 B. Robinson RC PSA 8, #400 Dodgers Sluggers PSA 8, #407 Yankees Power Hitters PSA 8. All of the Checklists are unmarked as well as all of the Contest cards.

The 1960s sets all carry exceptional GPA’s with the 1968 Topps set checking in at a blazing 9.074.  The 1963 set includes a PSA 9 Rose rookie card and the aforementioned ’69 set stands third on the registry and averages a shade shy of mint 9.

To view the sets, visit Memory Lane’s website ( or call 877.606.LANE (5263).