Super Bowl Programs

Super Bowl XLI. Are you old enough to remember the first one? I was alive, your honor, but I have no recollection.

My first piece of sports memorabilia actually came from Super Bowl II. I was not yet six.

A man in my hometown had gone to the game in Miami and brought back a "book" for our family. That’s how I’m sure we referred to it back then because it was bigger than any baseball scorecard. It was a program from the game and I wound up with it, but not before my big sister took a pencil and drew a big fat circle around Herb Adderly’s picture (obviously a favorite of hers). And not before I used it over and over as a stabilizer for whatever writing projects a six year-old kid has, made a few marks of my own and generally abused the cover.

It’s a little bit worn and Herb’s picture is still circled. I’m afraid it’s probably not worth more than about 50 bucks in this kind of shape, but….I still have it. Along with every other Super Bowl program (game versions only!). The program from Super Bowl V was the toughest and most expensive. Do you know a truck carrying them got into a wreck, leaving a shortage on game day (hence the scarcit1y)?

I recently talked with Bart Starr and Len Dawson at a charity event and got both to sign my Super Bowl I program in silver sharpie. Very nice, although Bart personalized it, which I wasn’t crazy about (he’s funny about forcing that on people). I’m actually not much into autographs, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to create a nice little piece of history.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could build a 125,000 seat stadium with decent sightlines just for the Super Bowl? Maybe they could lower ticket prices and actually let normal fans buy them instead of those with huge bankrolls. What exactly IS the NFL’s Super Bowl ticket policy? Does anyone know?


Some of the coolest, most unique items fly under the radar on eBay. I saw a 1930s NFL championship program signed by Clarke Hinkle of the Packers last week. It went for around $3K. How many of those exist? Someone currently has a menu from a TWA flight to LA for Super Bowl I with a big Chiefs helmet on the front and dated for that weekend. Yes, I said a menu from an airline flight. I’m guessing the flight attendants wore white gloves. That kind of coolness is gone and it’s not coming back.

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